The Ultimate Guide to Auto Glass Chip Repair

auto glass chip repairDid you know that the three main reasons car accidents occur in Canada are high speed, impaired driving, or distractions? Between everyday accidents and adverse weather, your windshield is susceptible to damage at any time.  If you recently were in an accident and something cracked your car window, you might be racking your brain to […]

5 Tips for Hiring an Auto Glass Repair Service

auto glass repairWhen a crack appears on your windshield it’s easy to put off getting it fixed. But if it develops into one that restricts your sight lines, you could find yourself getting into legal difficulties. According to the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, your sight lines must not be restricted at any time. So how can you find […]

How To Remove A Windshield

Automobile special workers glazier replacing windscreen windshield of car in streetThe windshield is perhaps the most vital safety feature of any vehicle. It comprises a significant portion of a car’s structural integrity. When there is a crack or chip in your windshield, it’s necessary to have it repaired as the driver’s visibility will be impaired. A damaged windshield is not only unsafe for you as […]

How to Stop a Windshield Crack from Spreading

auto-glass-zone-oakville-windshield-chipMost drivers will experience a cracked windshield at some point in their lives behind the wheel. There is a wide variety of causes for windshield cracks from improper windshield installation, rocks from the pavement on the highway flying at high speeds and temperature changes due to your defroster or heater. You can try your hardest […]

Improve the Appearance of Your Vehicle

Improve Appearance of VehicleInterestingly many people are nowadays on the lookout for second hand but well maintained cars. One of the obvious reasons is the ever increasing inflation and of course the financial crunch faced at large by consumers around the World. Even…