Driving is a skill that can be mastered. However, having the right attitude to apply the skill is an important driver safety strategy. Especially when it is raining, the weather can be very deceitful.

Car tires air pressure

Check the tires air pressure as well as tread. If tires are misaligned driving will be more difficult. If your tire pressure is out of balance, you must have noticed at one point or another that you car is pulling in one side even on straight flat roads. This is an indication that you need to check your tire pressure. Although most new vehicles warn drivers automatically if tire pressure is not balanced many vehicles still do not have this technology and it is your responsibility as a driver to make sure your tire pressure is correct in all 4 tires.

Checking car wipers

Ensure that the wipers are in good condition. Use the wipers regularly to ensure that they are doing the job. If the windshield does not clean or the wipers leave marks, then the wipers need to be changed. In Case of a windshield crack or a shattered windshield using wipers can cause more damage to the windshield and the wipers. In this case take your car to a local auto glass shop for auto glass repair or auto glass replacement. If you are in Burlington Ontario check outout our site at auto glass Burlington, or if you are in Oakville check out Auto glass Oakville for top quality windshield replacement, windshield repair, or any other auto glass replacement and repair work. We offer lowest prices guaranteed.

Extreme caution is required, as hydroplaning may take place. While driving in rain when the tires of the vehicle lose contact with the surface of the road, which is separated with a thin film of rain water, the vehicle may lose control and start sliding out of control. Hydroplaning, may take place with speeds even lower than 50 km an hour. To avoid hydroplaning, take the foot off the accelerator and do not break at all. Maintain control of the steering wheel and the vehicle will regain control.

Checking car headlights

Check the headlights and ensure they are clean and functional. We are all guilty of not fixing our headlights as soon as we noticed or were told that one or both headlights are out. Instead of procrascinating, it is always the wise decision to get your headlights fixed as soon as you notice a problem. It is safe for you and other drivers on the road and it will save you the possible price of getting a ticket. It is also a good idea to use the headlights but not the flashlights. Use of flashlights in such weather conditions will reflect back and cause the drivers from opposite side of the road to be blinded.

Car road accident

Another important drive safe strategy is to follow the 2 second rule. It means, to keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front, at all times. This rule can be increased to 6 or even to 12 seconds; depending upon the driving conditions, driver reflexes and the skill level. At all times strive to maintain a 2 second formula distance rule with the vehicle in front. This will give you enough time and space to make safe maneuvers in the event of a skid, slip or any other eventuality. Skids are also not uncommon and very unpredictable. In the event of a skid, remove your foot from the accelerator and do not break. Steer in the direction of the skid and not against it, until the vehicle control is regained. It is always advisable to keep a larger distance between you and the vehicle in front when it is raining. Not only is vision impaired due to rain but also it takes vehicles longer distances to brake when compared to dry conditions.

Safe driving strategies not only help you but also ensure that others around you are equally safe. Driving to avoid collisions, in spite of the actions and the conditions around you will help one to be safe and stay alive. Drive safe everyone!