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5 Steps to Windshield Replacement

Each year, an average of 1.2 million windshields are replaced in Canada. Windshields are highly susceptible to damage, and people who drive their cars a lot can expect to have to replace their windshields every few years. Your car’s windshield protects you from foreign debris and from harmful UV rays, making it a crucial component of your vehicle. If it is damaged, replacing it is essential. Learn more about the steps of a windshield replacement.

1. Recognizing the Need for a Windshield Replacement

The first step is to know when a replacement is needed. An auto glass repair procedure is different from an auto glass replacement one, and they each tackle different problems with your vehicle.

There are signs that can tell you it is time for a windshield replacement. If you spot pitting on your windshield, you need to consider a replacement. As you drive, rocks and other debris can fly against the glass, causing micro-abrasions.

These abrasions weaken the glass, putting the entire windshield in danger. These pits can reflect sunlight into your eyes, as well, affecting your vision.

Cracks are another concern. If your windshield has windshield cracks that are too large for repair, you have to replace the entire windshield.

If your windshield has damage that impairs your visibility, a repair is also not going to be sufficient.

2. Choosing the Right Auto Glass Technician

To get quality results, you need to find quality auto glass services. The right auto glass replacement company will be one with insurance and the right certifications. In Canada, a glass technician must have completed the Automotive Glass Technician apprenticeship program to provide these services.

You also want to get recommendations from people in the area. Check online to see what reviews the mechanic has and if there are any complaints made against the person.

3. Letting the Experts Work

When you bring your car to the auto glass technician, they will begin by cleaning the windshield and inspecting for damage. They will check the rubber around the glass, called the rubber gasket. If it is damaged, they will also need to replace it.

If there are cracks, they will dislodge any small glass pieces to avoid accidents when they remove the entire windshield.

Once they check the glass, the technicians will begin removing the parts that keep the windshield in place, like the rubber gasket and the frame. They will also remove the windshield wipers, so they do not get damaged and take out all of the old adhesives that held the pieces in place.

After removing the windshield, the technician will place a new windshield glass before adding the frame and the rest of the components.

4. Safety Checks

After the installation of the new windshield, the car windshield replacement expert will begin a series of tests to ensure the glass is in place. A windshield that has been installed incorrectly can cause as many issues as a damaged one because it increases the risk to the glass itself as you drive.

The technician will also drizzle water over the windshield to see if droplets make it inside the vehicle. If they do drip inside, there is a gap between the glass and the frame.

The technician will also do a quick driving test to see if there are any strange sounds while driving. Rattling should not be an issue. Hearing a whooshing sound at high speeds also indicates there is a gap between the frame and the glass.

The technician will also recommend that you do not drive your car right after the windshield installation. The adhesives need time to dry. If they do not dry in time, the glass can shift.

5. Damage Prevention

Once you have your new windshield in place, avoid having to replace it so often by providing the right maintenance.

The most common damage that occurs to windshields is the fault of rocks and debris that other vehicles fling against the glass. Give yourself plenty of room to avoid this type of debris.

Temperature changes are also dangerous for your windshield glass. Rapid changes can make the glass expand and contract. Extensive exposure to heat damages glass, as well, so try parking in the shade.

If you do notice a crack in the windshield, get it repaired immediately. Window damage will always grow if you do nothing to fix it. It is also much more affordable to repair a small scratch or chip, while larger ones may require an entire replacement. 

You also want to periodically change the windshield wipers. Over time, the wipers can lose their shape, which ends up putting more strain on certain parts of the glass.

Avoid harsh chemicals when washing the windshield. These chemicals can strip away the glass’s protection and can discolor it. Instead, use cleaning solutions recommended by auto glass replacement experts.

Also, avoid slamming car doors. Slamming them causes vibrations that can, with time, dislodge the windshield glass.

Get a New Windshield

If your car’s windshield has cracks, pitting, causes visibility issues, or other concerns, you need to replace it. Windshield replacement installation can allow you to feel safe behind the wheel again.

At Auto Glass Oakville in Oakville, Canada, we offer lifetime replacement warranties and a 10% discount for all services. We are a specialty auto glass shop, and we can tackle the repairs and replacements of front and back auto glass, as well as mirrors and sunroofs. Get in touch today to get a free online quote.

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